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Put your Mental Health at the forefront of your physical training.


    We are an
    inclusive zone

    A safe space for all

    We have a beautiful, clean, well equipped private gym with an incredible group of Personal Trainers who specialise in a wide variety of skill sets with a strong passion for mental health and wellbeing. 

    No Judgement

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    Child friendly

    LGBTQ+ safe space

    We have a communal  area with kitchen, sofa's and tables & chairs. Feel free to come and enjoy a nice tea/coffee or protein shake before or after your session. 

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    we support breast/bottle feeding mothers

    We have Disabled access

    Our PTs specialise in a range of different skills i.e. Boxing, Yoga, Massage, Mental Health, Weight lifting, Olympic lifting, level 4  Low back pain, Level 4 strength and conditioning, Level 4 GP Referral, Running, Events, Flexibility and mobility, LGBTQ+ and specific Non-binary and Transgender training. 


    Meet The Team


    Lou Alldis

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    Hi, I’m Lou, personal trainer, yoga teacher, and owner of Meraki Fitness. The word ‘meraki’ means to do something with soul, creativity, and love, to give your all for something that you’re passionate about.


    That’s exactly what I do for you when I’m helping you to achieve your goals, and I’ll encourage, motivate, and inspire you to work hard and believe in yourself to get what you want.


    My speciality areas include:


    • Helping you to improve both your physical and mental health,

    • Training for races, challenges, and events,

    • Building strength, whether that’s for your first pull-up, to help with everyday life, or just to feel good about yourself,

    • Improving your flexibility and mobility, to help you move more freely and without pain, using a blend of my yoga and PT skills.


    Whatever your goal, I’ll work you to find the right exercises for you. Ones that you love doing, that fit in with your lifestyle, meet your needs, and that are sustainable for the long term.


    So if this sounds good to you, I’d love to hear from you!! I currently have availability on Monday, Wednesday & Thursday mornings! 


    I look forward to hearing from you!”



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    Hi I’m Chris, I’m a certified fitness trainer and a Sports and Remedial Massage Therapist, so not only do I train to feel good and healthier in my skin but I also have the knowledge to train and manage low back pain and address postural concerns you might have. 


    As a trainer, my aim is to help you connect with your inner self and to provide a training space as a safe space where you can let go, let your inner child play and embody through movement. Also, I can teach you how to manage and strengthen areas in relation to a healthy posture.


    Whatever your goals are, I am here to support, encourage, inspire and empower you in helping you achieve and overcome any barriers/obstacles you might have. 


    My mission as a PT:



    To empower and inspire people through mindful exercise and fitness. To create and promote fitness not just as a means of building gains or losing weight but also as a means of living a healthier lifestyle, medicine, learning and growing, building one’s confidence and overcoming mental blocks, to be the best version you can be and a reminder that anything you put your heart and mind to is achievable. A healthy mind, a healthy body. We exercise to ignite our energy.


    I look forward to working with you 🤗

    barney 2.jpg


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    Hey, I'm Barney (He/Him)! 
    As a queer trans man, I want to create a safe space where folks can learn to move their bodies without fear of judgment and outside the realms of toxic gym culture– instead, we’ll focus on feeling stronger mentally and physically.

    I work with a range of clients, but my particular passion is supporting queer folk, those with marginalised bodies, gender-affirming body recomposition, and those with health conditions. 

    I am also the creator of Queerasize, a small-group PT class, aimed specifically at the queer community. These sessions are more financially accessible than 1:1 PT and a great introduction to gym-based activity. 

    I currently have space for full-time 1:1 Personal Training– if you would like a free consultation, drop me a DM or follow the link in my bio!



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    Hi 👋🏼 My name is Millie Morfitt (she/her), creator of Morfittness. I have been a qualified Personal Trainer for over 4 years. 


    After working and training in commercial gyms for years, I found them sometimes to be a daunting space as a queer woman. This inspired me to create Morfittness!


    I now specialise in supporting LGBTQ+ people and allies to find joy in exercise and movement. I want my sessions to feel like a safe, welcoming and fun place for everyone that I train. 


    I aim to ensure that my clients feel able to come as they are, without the need to change their bodies or who they are. 


    I currently have spaces for Personal Training face-to-face in Bristol or online in any location and I am based at @thezonebristol 


    For more details check out @milliegetsyoumorfitt on Instagram!


    Looking forward to hearing from you x”



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    Hi, I'm Kath. I've been a personal trainer for just over 5 years and run Cynisca Personal Training and The Bicep Brotherhood. I have a level 4 Strength & Conditioning qualification and I'm just about to start my degree in Sport & Exercise Science with Brighton University. 


    My training passions lie in the realms of functional fitness, lifting heavy things, running around in a sweaty mess and just generally feeling like a bad ass! 


    The core values of my business are courage and kindness. Regardless of your level of experience or ability I will provide you with a safe space to explore your capabilities within the gym. It is my goal to provide each and every client with the knowledge and confidence to stand proud as who they are, in or out of the gym environment. 


    As an openly gay woman, I find myself working largely with the LGBTQ+ community and our allies. I have also recently established The Bicep Brotherhood. This is a group exclusively for the transgender or non-binary person and provides a safe space to enter into the world of fitness without fear of judgement or prejudice. I provide online training programmes specifically aimed at masculinising the physique. Our community provides tremendous support and encouragement to all of it's members, not only in terms of gym stuff but also all things transitioning, medical or otherwise. We discuss everything from the best surgeons to the best place to buy pants! 


    I currently have space for in person and online PT clients, and also plenty of space available within The Brotherhood. For more information please check out my pages @cyniscapt and @the_bicep_brotherhood 



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    Hi I’m Lou. 😝 @louiseptuk 

    Owner of @thezonebristol and @thehideoutbristol & @sakura_bristol


    I am super passionate about my clients mental well-being and make sure that this is at the forefront of our sessions, alongside hitting the goals they want to hit and keeping the sessions fun and enjoyable. 


    I am level 3 qualified in GP Exercise Referral and I’m also studying towards my Level 4 In Low Back Pain. 

    I’m really looking forward to helping a new set of clients to relieve pain and try and better their lives as much as I can. 


    I currently have some 1:1 availability during school hours and some small group session availability during the evenings. 


    Contact me through DM on any of the insta pages above or email

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